Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lovely Actress

Priyamani used to model for textiles and jewelery items. Her portfolio was made available to many advertisers, and seeing her photos many of them approached with offers but she rejected everything. Her interest that time did not mainly lay in films. After the stress of studies was over on completion of her 12th standard, she got an offer from Bharthiraja, as the main lead in one of his films. Now this was too much for Priya to refuse, so this was her breakthrough. Bharthiraja is credited with bringing to the screen many a famous faces, like Revathi, Radhika, Radha etc..

Priyamani was something of a singer in her earlier days and had a lot of love for music, but somehow, she could not take up music as her first career. Having been gifted with a beautiful face and body, she did a number of modeling stints in her school days, which ultimately paved a way for her to land up in the film industry. Her first motivation in her family is her mother who motivated her to enter into the film industry.



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