Monday, December 31, 2007

Flower gift from lover?

Priyamani's grand mother Kamala Kail is a celebrated classical singer. She started her first own dialogue in Paruthi Veeran only. She never wore make-up for the films Paruthi Veeran and Adu Oru Kanakalam. Priyamani is a brown eyed South Indian Actress. She is one of the most astounding and good looking lass down south. She is a Gemini by Zodiac sign (sun sign). She has all the typical triats of a Gemini which means that she is a sociable,fun loving,versatile,lively, communicative, liberal, mentally active and friendly character. Gemini person is logical, inquistive, clever, whimsical, nimble, quick witted, articulated and active.

At Indian priyamani has been chosen as a grand performer and rated as a beautiful Indian star. The popular web site rates priyamani at 7/10 for her beauty & looks, 7/10 for her figure & stats and 8.5/10 for her talent as south Indian actress. Now that is quite an achievement for this Tollywood Babe


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